Automatic trading robot DarkSlide v7.03.113 fix

Halo smart trader, Kali ini ada EA dari temen, monggo silahkan di test, untuk rule nya saya juga kurang begitu paham.
Terminal: MT4
Timeframe: M5
Type: short-term, scalper.
Average number of deals per week: 60
Deposit: from $ 20

The adviser works on the micro-level release. Levels are determined by a graphical smart
algorithm. It is a scalper with a short take and a stop. It has many additional filters that are
optimized at your discretion. Works on a variety of currency pairs. Is dependent on the
broker. First of all, you need to consider ecn accounts with reliable brokers.

Settings Parameter:
–°omment of SET = Comment on the setting.
Magic = Magic orders on this currency pair.
Moneymanagement = Lot calculation block.
Progressive lot =  If true, then a progressive lot will be used / if false - a fixed lot will be used.
Lot for 1000 deposits = The setting is used if the value is “true - progressing the lot”. Lot will be taken for every 1000 deposit. (for example, the setting is 0.56, and the deposit is $ 350. Lot orders = 350/1000 * 0.56 = 0.196. The order will open with a lot of 0.20.)

Fixed lot = The setting is used if it is set to "false - progressive lot". The order will be opened with the lot specified in this setting.
Opening an order = Settings block for opening orders.
Entry Period = The parameter that affects the sensitivity of the algorithm to the screening of signals. The larger it is, the more signals will be eliminated.
TakeProfit (if 0 - noTP) = Take profit If the setting is zero, there will be no take profit.
StopLoss = Stop Loss.
Escort of order = Order tracking block.
Use the dynamics of spread = Use the dynamics of changes in the spread.
Entry period = Setting affecting the definition of the entry point when using spread dynamics.
Flow correction = Spread flow correction factor using spread dynamics.
Entry period for the statistical method = A setting that affects the definition of an entry point using a static method.
Security = Advanced settings block
Maximum spread = Maximum spread at which orders will be torn off. Note: open orders will be accompanied regardless of the size of the spread.
The expiration of the pending order = Expiration date of pending orders.

Download EA DarkSlide
Download Manual book EA Darkside
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